Exploring Investment Opportunities: UAQFTZ Business Meet in Mumbai, India

Exploring Investment Opportunities: UAQFTZ Business Meet in Mumbai, India

June 04, 2024

Business Meet in Mumbai

The recent UAQFTZ Business Meet, hosted in collaboration with the CA chapter in Mumbai, India, served as a platform for professionals to delve into the promising investment landscape of Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQFTZ).

UAQFTZ is actively engaging in a series of strategic business events across major Indian cities, aimed at bolstering economic ties between India and the UAE. These initiatives are designed to extend support to Indian investors keen on exploring lucrative opportunities within UAQFTZ.

At the event, the UAQFTZ team had the privilege of connecting with a diverse array of Indian investors representing various sectors. From F&B to manufacturing, engineering to automotive, and beyond, professionals from various sectors participated in engaging discussions.

The meet underscored the attractive investment prospects that UAQFTZ offers to international businesses. With the goal of augmenting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from India to the UAE, UAQFTZ is actively showcasing its capabilities and advantages to Indian investors.

Around 30% of the companies currently operating within UAQFTZ are of Indian origin. This statistic underscores the growing interest and confidence of Indian businesses in UAQFTZ as a strategic investment destination. As a key supporter of global business UAQFTZ continues to play a significant role in fostering economic growth and cross-border collaborations in the region. Through initiatives like the UAQFTZ Business Meet in Mumbai, UAQFTZ reaffirms its commitment to supporting and nurturing the aspirations of global entrepreneurs and investors.

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